Making a quick research about weird books there is a variety.

For superstitous people this is a full nightmare.

Of the video above the most chilling is Tomino’ Hell. Just the fact that by reading out loud this poem, can bring horrible effects…including death, is very scary. Scary enough for the making of a movie!

The grief presentedby the author, Yomota Inuhiko, is so strong that legends narrates the deadly fate of whoever read the poem aloud. This poem belongs to the book The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone.

The Neceonomicron. A book mentionef ny H.P. Lovecraft, it is alo about death.  Ir states that the stories ate written by a man who goes with the name of the Mad Arab. Supposedly it is so cursed that the author himself went delusional after writing. However it is sold everywhere online.

John Dee, a british occultist of the Elizabeth era, discovered the legendary Book of Soyga.  It works on the subjects of alchemia, magic rituals and demonology among other mystical subjects. The weird thing about this anonymous book is a section of tables with a code of only symbols and letters. Many experts in different expertise areas referred this symbols of Khabalah origins. 

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