Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

A book about survival in the wild, Kya is abandoned by her family in a swamp when was just six years old. Hence, her nickname “the marsh girl”. The story mixes romance with a feral child case who is devoted to her swamp life, a life that nobody understands, specially when she is accused of murdering a jock in the nearby town.

So…is romance, wildlife feral survival with a spice of law and order. The book has been praised by many but it also has its negative reviews. Stating that how is possible that a 6 years old could survive in the marsh without any type of care. And also the fact that why nobody in the nearby came to help her. But hey…this is fiction. It is an ambitious writing which in some aspects seek for a Hollywood film debut. Which I would definitely would watch it.

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“Educated” by Tara Westover

Educated is the wonderful story of a young woman that was raised in a family of survivalist Mormons in which regular school was in no way adapted in their life. Despite these challenges Tara Westover, having fascination for knowledge, achieved a PhD degree in the university of Harvard and ultimately writing this memoir.

The book have been praised by persons like Bill Gates and Michelle Obama and promoted by Oprah Winfrey. In an interview she briefly describes the journey told in this book with interesting details about the fact that her first friend outside her family was at 13 years old who couldn’t believe the fact that she did not know anything about fractions and the first time she heard about the Holocaust was in college years. Guess to know how she achieved this is to immerse in this inspirational memoir.

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Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

A book to inspire a child to be what he/she wants and that being different is good. There’s a dance party in the jungle. Every animal has its unique way of dancing and their moves, except for Gerald. Gerald’s legs ar too skiny and his neck is too long, impossible to dance. But it is impossible? Gerald finds a unremarkable support from the most unexpected resident in the jungle. He learned that he has his own moves that creates his own dance in his own unique way. Turns out that being different is amazing.

The book have been popular with parents and teachers as well. It teaches that kindness helps people to know their inner skills, abilities and virtues. It’s message is that everybody has its own dance and all of them are great. The message is shown in a funny story with beautiful drawings that captivates children imagination.

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Disturbing Thrillers

Will Haunt You by Brian Kirk

A book that breaks the 4th wall, inserting in the reader’s mind. “You don’t read the book. It reads you.” That’s pretty much how it’s summary begins. Jesse Wheeler, a former heavy metal guitarist knows about this book in the deep web that confronts you with your deepest personal nightmares and fears. Involving drugs and alcohol abuse and many kind of perversions, Jesse goes downhill spiral when confronts with his guilt. He and his wife once got blackout drunk and his son fall from the crib resulting in permanent damage. And the book seems that knows this.

The author brings like a kind of game that the readers unconsciously volunteer to play. And being a horror book the reviews states that the real horror begins when finishing the book.

There are mixed reviews in this novel, because is a subliminal story that many people does not make much sense of it. It has a mysterious entity, paranoid feelings and this subliminal weird scenes. Many reviewers compare this novel to “House of Leaves” by by Mark Z. Danielewski. Making it a very, very weird horror book.

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