‘Tis the season to be joying”, there’s no doubt about it. But everything has a another face. These are authors who’s imagination lead them to different christmas. Like a combination of Christmas and Halloween, many writers narrates a dark and creepy Christmas for the no sleepers. From the legendary Dicken’s A Christmas Carol to slasher films there is a collection of readings that can create goosebumps in this holidays.


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Everybody knows the fantastic story of Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ novel. How many real Scrooges are in this world. Sadly the ghosts doesn’t exist…or do they?

As a very miserable and stingy man, Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas. One shows him the past, then comes the phantom of present and finally the ghost of the future, in which Scrooge will know how pathetic his life will end if he continue with a miserable selfish way.

Probably this ghosts do exist in different ways. In the way of Karma or who knows what else. For the person to learn and open his/her eyes is opt to them.



Krampus: The Yule Lord by Gerald Brom

Santa Claus, my dear old friend, you are a thief, a traitor, a slanderer, a murderer, a liar, but worst of all you are a mockery of everything for which I stood. You have sung your last ho, ho, ho, for I am coming for your head. . . . I am coming to take back what is mine, to take back Yuletide . 

Meet The Krampus, or the Christmas boogeyman.  This goatfaced mythological creature comes from a german tradition. It is said that misbehave children will be visited by the Krampus while the good ones will have gifts from Santa Clause.

Brom took this mythical legend to create the story of Jesse, a songwriter that on a Christmas Eve witness the kidnap of our beloved Santa Clause with all sledge and eight reindeers. The Krampus says that the joyful Santa stoled his powers and is here for revenge. The novel ambience is in a gothic style, very characteristic of Brom, who’salso an illustrator. It gives a more mysterious atmosphere. A story that project a very unusual christmas point of view…but very interesting and different. Far from mistletoe traditions.



The Book Depository

Well this is the greatest Christmas gift ever! Lumis’ bully brother was eaten suddenly by a little monster. It is not good but Lumis found things better without her obnoxious cruel brother around. After all…who doesn’t want bullies away.

Dirge created this book kinda child oriented but trust me is not that childish. Is sarcastic and dark funny…in a very dark way. It is at the end a book that would make giggle youth and adults for sure. Just enjoy a mischievous christmas and be on the naughty list. Yay!




Black Christmas by Lee Hays

This is a novel based on the Canadian slasher film of the same name. It is curious because most of the time is the other way around, like a movie based in a book. There have been many adaptations including a recent movie also named Black Christmas in 2019 showing now in theaters.

Three college students decided to stay in campus for winter vacations when obscene calls began to ring.  Turning into bloody threats by the caller, the story follows the disappearance of some college girls and ultimately the discovery of their severe mutilated bodies.

And this is the way this psycho spends christmas. Adaptations may vary but in this book the end has a turning twist. And is not for the faint hearted.




NOS4A2  by Joe Hill

Author Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son. It runs in the family, and creepy can be hereditary.

NOS4A2 is the Roll Royce’s splint that belongs to Charlie Manx, the cruel immortal villain of the novel. Manx’s mayhem is the abduction of children to place them in a place call Christmasland for them to be “happily ever after”.

This story goes back and forth in time when describes how Vic as an adult is still terrified of her Christmasland childhood memories. Now is worst. Her son Wayne has to be saved from this pervasive place and the sick man who created it. Charles Manx. Now there’s a serie showing in AMC with the same name





The Stupidest Angel  by Christopher Moore

This is a combination of The Walking Dead with a Christmas Carol ending in Zombiland. The title of the book is very litteral since one of the main characters  is the angel Raziel, who’s clumsiness leads to the zombie christmas party

It narrates the story of little Joshua who witness the murder of Santa Clause (or someone dressed like). Now he is desperate for a simple wish: bring back Santa from the dead. So enters Raziel who’s send from heaven to grant a wish for a child in earth. And this child is Joshua. But Raziel…is not that bright so it seems he brought EVERYONE from the other side.

Reviews are very mixed. Many argue about the stupidity of zombies stories, others think it’s super funny in a dark way. Others could not handle the gruesome zombie attacks.

Whatever this story is, definitive Moore had some imagination in the mixing of halloween with christmas. Some though it was bittersweet others sweet n’ salty. At the end a very nontraditional reading for the holidays.





Horror Stories to Ruin Christmas: Serenity Falls Forever

By PF McGrail, Tobias Wade, Blair Daniels, Kyle Harrison, Jacob Mandeville, Chris Thompson, RC Bowman, Matt Dymerski, EZ Morgan

The first day of Christmas was when the town started to fall apart.
The second day of Christmas was when people started to die.
By the thirteenth day of Christmas, it was too late to go back.
Or was it?

A compilation of short stories written by various authors. Each story although independent, intertwine in Serenity Falls, location where the nightmarish Christmas occurs.

Serenity Falls, a little place where people is like you and me. Until the story reveals the dark skeletons in their closets. Provoking murder, mutilation and above all, revenge. At the end of the book you will wonder who really are  your neighbors.


  1. This i must say is a very good idea, I’ve never imagined celebrating or seeing Christmas in a very different form like this scary one that you’ve mentioned in the article. Its really going to be interesting and these books are not expensive which makes th easy to get. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Andrea for you comment. 

      This idea of mixing horror with Christmas reminds me back to the Tim Burton animated film A nightmare before Christmas. So it has being there for a while!

      The purpose of the page is that, to provide different alternative in prices and yes many are not expensive, especially in the Kindle format

      Thank you again and Happy Holidays!

  2. All these stories seem pretty scary but “Black Christmas” seems to be the most scary one to me. Anyway, I’ve been looking for a Christmas present for my step daughter who is fourteen and I thought she might like “I ate Billy on Christmas”, she likes scary movies but also novels and witty writing, clever girl. Do you think this book would be OK as a present for a teenage girl?

    • Hi Lanka!. You are right! It ate billy is great for a 14 y/o. It is dark funny. I can picture a movie about it with an actor like Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler in it. 😆.

      You can buy it in different stores from my web. The book depository had many prices and editions of it. Worth to check it out.

      Happy Holidays and thanks for your comment.

  3. Wow! A dark twist on Christmas novels! I love it! Here is several things that really jumped out at me:

    1. I never actually considered A Christmas carol as something dark and twisted (even though the ghosts did scare me the first time I watched it). I just considered it a standard tale of Christmas since it ends happily lol

    2. Krampus. looks. so. good!! I would definitely read that. It’s nice to know other folklores from other countries and I’ve heard of Krampus but I never knew who it was, what he did nor his significance. You helped a lot in clarifying that for me.

    3. You know, I always wanted to look into the mind of Stephen King and ask him where the devil he comes up with his dark twisted fantasies….and then I’m afraid of looking into his mind because of the fact that he is dark and twisted haha. Then to see that his son had inherited that from him…Jesus lord.

    4. The stupidest angel sounds hilarious

    All in all, your suggestions have really intrigued me and I am definitely interested in purchasing these books. Out of these 7 novels, which is your favorite and which would you recommend?

    • Hi Tyranique.

      A christmas Carol’s scary because of the ghosts,specially the ghost of yet to come. This one is the one that shows the most miserable scenery.

      Krampus is a great one and I think there’s a serie out there as with nos4a2.

      The stupidest angel is like a horror comedy., something goofy about zombies. It can be a movie for sure.

      The most that I recommend is A Christmas Carol because is a classic. The rest of the books are great but the likeness of it depends on the people preferences. Krampus and Nos4a2 can be too dark for some while the stupidiest angel can be to goofy. Whatever the case there are many options.

      see you around and many blessings,


  4. Merlin Erdogmus (SYLVER SECOND)

    It is refreshing to see scary Christmas stuff. Not a fan of that fake lovey-dovey stories and all that heartwarming cheesy stories. I prefer horror in this segment, so you choose a topic that brings up interest in general.

    Did you start with your most favorite as “SCARY CHRISTMAS and A Christmas Carol” 

    and your least favorite “Horror Stories to Ruin Christmas: Serenity Falls Forever”?

    Or did I misinterpret that?

    Especially books in which many short stories are combined could be a solid hit and miss.

    Because you never know if you get a solid story or something that is less likely to be called

    a script. Especially helpful for people who don’t read much. It’s quite straining to get into

    a 1,000 pages book, not to mention the stuff that you forgot when you finish the book.

    Overall do I have a deeper urge to see more media in general in that horror Christmas area.

    And why not turn Halloween stories around as well? Wouldn’t it be kinda scary to read about

    a happy ending by a story that starts with pure horror elements?

    • Hi Merlin! Thanks for your comment.

      I started with Christmas Carol because it is the most popular. Who haven’t heard of it! 

      The rest is in random order. But The Horror to Ruin Christmas is the last one because of originality. A novel made up of short stories with different authors is very interesting indeed.

      Nos4a2 has a somewhat happy ending, so it worth a reading.

      Thanks again for you comment an Happy Holidays!

  5. Hello Michelle, good to see you share these scary Christmas and a Christmas Carol story. I must admit that these stories are sometimes too scary, lol. They could cause us nightmares especially ladies. Maybe I’m wrong anyways. All these you have listed are really cool but I find the first one amazing cool! — There are so many lessons that can be learnt from it.

    • Hello there MrBlizy! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked it. 

      Christm as car is scary because of the ghosts and how they interact with Scrooge. But as you said it is a lesson he should learn. And at the end he did! 

      You might be surprise of how many ladies love horror stuff out there. It had been said that horror movies can be as intense to take you away fom the daily stresses, so in a way it fights the routines for a brief moments. At least for some

      Thank you for the reply,


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