This site is for book lovers… or for curious readers. There are books that reach the hearts and emotions of many. But there are books that walk in an unknown atmosphere. Books full of controversies and taboos. At an extreme to be ban in several countries. Others are plain scary mellow. Books train your mind to imagine a world where you can escape from your daily routines. Whether you want some intense romance or travel inside the mind of a serial killer…and everything in between. Just escape to your world!

With so many bookstores around the world, now we have the benefit of the internet. We can reach any bookstores, anywhere and anytime. Not available near around you… look it up in Google. The same happens with books. Even rare books and banned books in some places… look it up in the web.

The purpose is to provide different choices of online bookstores for price comparison, different formats and editions. Whether is hard covers, paperbacks or e books we can have several options provided in this site to search and choose. Books and online stores will be added as time passes.

All the best,                                                                                                                                        Odd Readings